Health care reform continues for states with insurance exchange disasters

health care reform

The government has just expanded its assistance for purchasing insurance to provide Americans with more help. The deadline is now less than a month away, and as Americans scramble to make their last minute insurance purchases in order to comply with the health care reform, the Obama administration has bent a few of the rules to help to ensure that people won’t be left without coverage due to struggles with some of the state run exchanges. Residents of states where the insurance exchanges have never been made to work properly…

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Low cost health insurance through aggregation

Finding low cost health insurance doesn’t have to be a major challenge Health insurance in the U.S. is changing and these changes are somewhat dramatic in some cases. With the emergence of exchange programs, people’s access to health insurance coverage has become broader and many have become encouraged by the promise of affordable coverage through such exchange. Low cost health insurance is not only available through state-based exchanges, of course. One of the primary goals of the exchanges is to create competition within the insurance market, forcing private providers to…

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Health insurance exchange launch day was a rough one, to say the least

Federal Health Insurance Exchange website problems

The opening day for the online marketplaces faced tremendous struggles with a closed government and web traffic jams. What was meant to be a smooth transition into the next phase of the healthcare reforms was a constant battle for the health insurance exchanges which went on to open despite the shutdown of the U.S. government, only to face technical glitches preventing access to many of those who wanted to take part. Web traffic snarls and glitches in websites stopped many Americans from using the exchanges on the first day. The…

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Health insurance exchanges will open their doors in a week

Health Insurance exchange marketplaces

An exceptionally central part of the heart of President Obama’s healthcare overhaul is about to go live. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed by President Barack Obama in March 2010, and on October 1, 2013, the largest impact on the public – the state health insurance exchanges – are about to open their doors. This is the element of the healthcare reforms that will be most visible to the American people. These health insurance marketplaces are designed to help individuals and small businesses to be able to…

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Health insurance nonprofit doesn’t make it into the exchange

Health insurance industry news federal government

The federal government provided the organization with millions in low interest loans, but it didn’t meet the requirements. A nonprofit organization based in Westerville, Ohio, was the recipient of almost $130 million in low interest loans from the federal government, in order to assist it in developing health insurance plans that would provide consumers with additional choices while shopping on the state exchange to purchase their coverage for 2014. However, the group did not manage to complete all of the requirements to be able to sell coverage in Ohio. The…

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How to Find Affordable Family Health Insurance

Health Insurance exchange

Article brought to you by affordable family health insurance company Freedom Health Insurance Your family is your number one priority.  Their health, happiness, and longevity are imperative and you will do whatever you can to protect them and keep them safe.  To do this, finding a health insurance company that you trust and believe in – health insurance that gives you peace of mind – is a top priority.  Whether you’re looking for private healthcare, government-assisted healthcare, or healthcare through your job, there are many options out there that can…

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A Guide to Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

Self Employed Health Insurance

The self employed face obstacles and tackle challenges that those employed by others rarely think about…doing budgets, growing the business and, of course, health insurance. Think about it…the cost of individual health insurance for the self employed has gone up substantially over the past decade and policies that used to cost somewhere around $100 a month can run upwards of $500 a month today. Not just that…co-pays and deductibles have gone up…covered services have gone down. But there are options available that can help reduce the cost of health insurance…

Read More Urges Insurance buyers To Go For Appropriate Coverage Levels

On the occasion of its public launch startup recommends insurance buyers to select  fitting levels of coverage when going for a health plan. Startup leader Steven points out: “According to data, up 85% of Americans have some sort of health insurance. This is definitely not enough as it means that there are still some 50 million of uninsured Americans out there. But even among the insured, a large part discovers at some point that their coverage level will not really live up to their needs.” Thus, tries…

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Health insurance for workers at Olive Garden to improve

Health Insurance for employees at the Olive Garden

Employees have been told that they can expect to see better benefits coming soon. Sears and Darden Restaurants – the company that owns the Olive Garden and Red Lobster chains – has recently revealed their intensions to change the way health insurance benefits will be provided to the workers at those locations. Employees will now have the opportunity to purchase their own plans. The restaurant giant has stated that instead of choosing the plan on behalf of their employees, it will pay them directly in order to allow them to…

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How to find individual health insurance by yourself

When your health insurance is sponsored by your employer, it is easy enough to know which policy to choose because it has typically been selected for you, but when you are unemployed, self-employed, or employed by a company that doesn’t offer this medical benefits, then it is up to you to find your own coverage. Use the following tips to help you locate the right policy and price to fit your needs: • – this federal government site provides a number of questions that you can answer in order…

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