Insurance news from Ohio shows fraud is on the rise

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The state has received a record breaking number of allegations of fraudulent claims this year. Officials in Ohio have reported the insurance news that there has been a notable increase to the amount of fraud that is occurring in the industry. The scams are being blamed on the hard economic times and criminal activities in the state. According to the most recent Ohio Department of Insurance news, the combined efforts of insurers, agents, customers, police, and other parties have already generated 4,022 fraud allegations in the state as of last…

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Auto insurance minimum coverage required in Ohio may rise

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Drivers in the state may see a number of changes to their vehicle coverage over the next while. Ohio auto insurance customers have just discovered that there may be a number of different coverage changes that they will be seeing over the next year and beyond. This is due to the fact that House Bill 278 was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives. Should the bill be approved, it will mean that the minimum auto insurance amounts that are required for valid proof of financial responsibility in the state,…

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Ohio Insurance Institute reports on June/July storms

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Storms do more than $433 million in damage Powerful storms that hit Ohio between June 29 and July 2 this year have produced at least $433 million in damages, according to the Ohio Insurance Institute, a state insurance industry trade group. The financial losses make the storms some of most costly natural disasters the state has experienced in its history. The storms are expected to have a significant impact on the state’s insurance industry, though insurers are poised to mitigate the financial aspects of the disasters and provide support to…

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