State Farm Ohio auto insurance rates to see 14.3 percent reduction

Ohio auto insurance rates - cars on road

Drivers in the state will be saving a total of $174.1 million per year from the decreased premiums. State Farm recently announced that it plans to implement another Ohio auto insurance rates reduction. It will slash premiums by an average of 14.3 percent, according to the statement issued on July 29. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was cited as the reason for the premiums cut. According to State Farm Insurance, “Driving behaviors across the country continue to evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on current trends, State Farm is…

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Homeowners insurance in Ohio among the cheapest

Ohio homeowners Insurance

The state’s auto coverage is also considered to be among the most affordable in the country. Mary Taylor, the Ohio Lieutenant Governor and the director of the Department of Insurance, has recently announced that the auto and homeowners insurance premiums within the state are yet again some of the lowest in the country. In her statement, she said that the marketplace in the state continues to offer favorable premiums. Taylor explained that “Ohio’s competitive insurance market continues to provide consumers with choice and lower insurance premiums compared to the rest…

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Ohio lawmakers approve changes to minimum auto insurance requirements

auto insurance

Ohio auto insurance expected to become more expensive for some drivers Ohio drivers are expected to see the costs of auto insurance climb, but not because insurance companies are raising rates for coverage. A new law has been approved by the Ohio Legislature that will increase the minimum level of auto insurance drivers are required to carry in the state. Though the law has been approved by both the Ohio House and Senate, it must still be signed by Governor John Kasich. If the law receives the Governor’s approval, Ohio…

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Ohio home to some of the lowest insurance rates in the country

homeowners insurance

Department of Insurance releases report on insurance rates The Ohio Department of Insurance has released a new report that shows that the state boasted of some of the lowest homeowners and auto insurance rates in the country. The agency compiles data concerning homeowners and auto insurance rates every year and provides information concerning how the state ranks with others on the matter of premiums. According to the report released by the agency, Ohio is home to the 10th lowest auto insurance and 6th lowest homeowner’s insurance rates based on 2011…

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