Health insurance fix for cancelled plans announced by President Obama

President Obama health insurance Obamacare

In a televised speech, insurers were allowed to offer their current plans for an additional year. President Obama has now announced a fix for the widespread problems regarding cancelled health insurance plans, as the date for the full implementation of the healthcare reforms draws ever closer. This gives the insurers the chance to maintain their current plans for a year, even if they don’t comply with the law. The fix was announced by the president in order to help to stop the tremendous trend that health insurance companies have started…

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Health insurance exchanges in 6 states receive federal approval

News on Medicaid health insurance

Obama has given the nod to the marketplaces that have been proposed by states. The federal government has provided its conditional approval to the health insurance exchanges that have been proposed by six states that are moving forward on their versions of the healthcare reforms. Each of the states that have received this approval are led by Democratic governors. These states are made up of Massachusetts, Washington, Connecticut, Colorado, Oregon, and Maryland. Equally, the federal government failed to give its approval to other states that had proposed a partial Medicaid…

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Health insurance vows by Romney will make notable changes to the system

Mitt Romeny Health Insurance

Millions of Americans with pre-existing medical conditions are asking if they will lose their protection. In the heated debates over health insurance, that have only become more intense as the election draws nearer, Mitt Romney has expressed his intention to extend continued coverage to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. The presidential nominee for the Republican party has said that those switching jobs will have their coverage shielded. Those who are changing jobs will have their health insurance coverage protected. What has yet to be seen from Romney’s plans is what…

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Day two of Affordable Care Act hearing in Supreme Court focuses on controversial insurance mandate

The Supreme Court began its second day of hearing the case against the controversial Affordable Care Act on Tuesday this week. The focus of day two was centered on whether Congress could require Americans to purchase health insurance. The Obama administration’s top lawyers were ready to defend the insurance mandate imposed by the health care law, but conservative Justices of the Court were quick to issue their concerns regarding the matter. This could signal some serious problems for the future of the Affordable Care Act. Only three minutes into the…

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