Health care reform enrollments met January targets

Obama reacting to the health care reform in 2010

Last month represented the first time since the exchanges opened in October that signups met expectations. It is no secret that the health care reform had a rocky start, but now that the numbers are in for January, the success of the insurance exchanges seems to be picking up as the number of people who have enrolled is now finally meeting the targets that have been set by officials. The federal and state exchanges have now brought coverage to a total of about 3.3 million Americans. Across the United States,…

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Health insurance fix for cancelled plans announced by President Obama

President Obama health insurance Obamacare

In a televised speech, insurers were allowed to offer their current plans for an additional year. President Obama has now announced a fix for the widespread problems regarding cancelled health insurance plans, as the date for the full implementation of the healthcare reforms draws ever closer. This gives the insurers the chance to maintain their current plans for a year, even if they don’t comply with the law. The fix was announced by the president in order to help to stop the tremendous trend that health insurance companies have started…

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Small businesses could face financial hardship because of the Affordable Care Act

Business Insurance

January 1, 2014 is when the majority of the regulations that make up the Obama administration’s landmark health care reform bill known as the Affordable Care Act go into effect. President Obama enacted the ACA as a way to insure that all Americans would receive health care coverage that’s both affordable and comprehensive. In addition to putting health insurance within the grasp of many Americans, the new regulations bar insurance companies from denying coverage to anyone seeking it, or charging more because of age, gender, or medical history. Without a…

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Will you lose health insurance coverage due to the reforms?

Health insurance deadline

Many policyholders wonder if their plans will continue after January 2014. When President Obama spoke about the reforms that have now been approved by the Supreme Court, he noted that health insurance coverage will become available for millions of Americans, but at the same time, Republican rival Romney is stating that others will lose the plans they have. What is the truth of the way the Affordable Care Act will impact those already covered? President Obama has stated that there are approximately 250 million Americans who are already covered by…

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Perry may repeal healthcare reforms without alternative in state with highest rate of uninsured

Texas has been named the state with the largest number of residents who do not have health insurance, so they should also be one of the states that could receive the most benefit from the health care reforms made by the Obama administration. However, Governor Rick Perry has halted attempts to lay the foundation for the coverage expansion. That said, one of the solutions that Perry is supporting as an alternative to the overhaul is an untested regional effort that may make individual states responsible for Medicare; a method that…

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Forecast predicts a third of companies will cut health benefits

A new study from prestigious consulting firm McKinsey & Company suggests that as much as 30% of the nation’s employers will be making drastic changes to the insurance they provide to their employees. The firm suggests that the more these companies learn about upcoming insurance changes stemming from last year’s Affordable Care Act the more likely they are to make such changes. The study anticipates that these businesses will cease offering health care benefits or restrict access to such benefits to a select few in their service. If the study…

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States may be on their own for health insurance exchange costs

Health care has been a hot issue for several years now. Since the days when the Affordable Care Act was being championed by the Obama Administration until now, there has been shortage of controversy surrounding health insurance. Now, the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce has approved a number of bills that is likely to incite backlash from supporters of the health care reform law. One bill in particular targets health insurance exchanges. Health insurance exchanges are one of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Their primary…

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