Thousands could lose their health insurance coverage in the US

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By the end of September, 115,000 people could lose their insurance coverage The Obama Administration has warned that as many as 115,000 people in 36 states could lose their health insurance coverage by September 30. This is due to unresolved data problems involving citizenship and immigration status. When insurance exchanges began their open enrollment period last year, millions of people applied for insurance coverage. The government suggests that a portion of these enrollees supplied false or incomplete information when using an exchange. The Department of Health and Human Services has…

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Thousands may lose their health insurance later this year

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Inconsistent and missing information may lead to a loss of insurance coverage for thousands of people The Obama administration has announced that several thousand people could lose their health insurance coverage due to inconsistent or missing information. This effects only the policies sold through state-based insurance exchanges. These exchanges have served as a marketplace for those looking for affordable insurance coverage. While some exchanges were unable to effectively meet the needs of consumers, many others were able to provide coverage to thousands of people that had no insurance protection before.…

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Insurance news made as health care reforms now include new marketplace CEO

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The Obama administration has now announced the creation of a new position to oversee the federal exchange. Among the latest pieces of insurance news to be released regarding the health care reform is the creation of a new chief executive position by the Obama administration which will be responsible for overseeing the federal health plan exchange where residents of 36 states purchase their coverage. This health care reform announcement was made as one of a series of management changes. The insurance news announcement was made by Sylvia Burwell, the U.S.…

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US government to investigate health insurance subsidy abuse

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Government regulators are looking to uncover potential fraud Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the U.S. are being contacted by the federal government. The government is questioning these people about their eligibility for the subsidies provided by the Affordable Care Act. According to the Obama administration, a large portion of those seeking coverage through health insurance exchanges may have provided misleading or false information concerning their incomes. This information does not match that which is stored with the Internal Revenue Service, which calls into question whether or not subsidies are…

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Health insurance subsidies hit a roadblock in the US

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Some people may be receiving more subsidies than they are due U.S. consumers may be receiving more subsidies from the federal government than they are due to receive under the Affordable Care Act. The federal law offers financial assistance to those that fall within a certain range of poverty, as defined by the government. Subsidies are meant to offset the cost of health insurance policies, making them more affordable and more widely available to consumers throughout the country. Some people may be abusing the availability of these subsidies, however. Some…

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Health care reform comes under fire once again

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Obama administration proposes new rule that has sparked controversy The Obama administration has made a very controversial move that has renewed the criticism surrounding federal health care reform. Late last week, the President proposed a new rule that would increase the bailout protection that insurance companies have through health insurance exchanges. The rule is designed to provide insurers with more financial security as the country adapts to the changes that health care reform has introduced to the insurance market. Those opposing the new rule suggest that it is illegal The…

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Obama Administration extends renewal opportunities for substandard health insurance policies

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Government continues to attempt to fix problems associated with cancelled insurance policies As the Obama Administration continues to face harsh criticism concerning health care reform, it is working to resolve the issues that are associated with the cancelation of health insurance policies. Many policies have been cancelled due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The federal law requires insurers to cancel policies that are considered substandard. Cancellations have left many people throughout the country without insurance coverage and this has caused a great deal of frustration to be…

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