Health insurance rates in New York drop by 50%

Health insurance rates

Health insurance premiums are plummeting in New York Health insurance rates are rising throughout the U.S. as insurers prepare to comply with the various regulations being introduced with the Affordable Care Act. These regulations are placing more stringent requirements on insurers, effectively raising the costs associated with administration and general business while also lowering their ability to generate profit. In New York, however, health insurance rates for individuals could plummet due to the state’s health insurance exchange program. Officials approve 17 affordable plans from insurers New York officials have approved…

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New York health insurance exchange begins acquiring policies

health insurance options

New York health insurance companies being tapped by exchange program The New York Health Benefit Exchange has begun reaching out to private insurance companies throughout the state in order to populate itself with health insurance policies. The health insurance exchange was established as part of the Affordable Care Act and New York legislators decided that the state will run this insurance program rather than the federal government. Per the federal health care law, the exchange is meant to be a marketplace where consumers can find affordable coverage. Lawmakers aim to…

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Health insurance savings on its way for residents of New York

affordable care act

Those living in the state will be saving over $500 million on coverage premiums this year. Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York state, has just announced that the new power that has been given to the state to limit the increases in health insurance rates is already showing its benefits to the residents of the state. The state has limited a number of increases that insurers had proposed within the state. Cuomo said that this year alone, New Yorkers will not have to pay the over half a million…

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Health insurance at four New York universities receive approval

Health Insurance Program

Cornell and Columbia Universities, NYU and University of Rochester have all received the nod. The University of Rochester, Columbia and Cornel Universities, and NYU, have all just announced that they have received approval to sell their own health insurance to students. This pilot program was first authorized by Governor Andrew Cuomo at the start of the month. The Governor gave his approval after it had passed through the Senate and the Assembly in the state earlier in 2012. Last year, similar legislation had been signed in Colorado, Utah, and Montana.…

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Majority of New York State Small Businesses Embrace Health Insurance

NEW YORK, December 5, 2011 – A vast majority of New York State’s small business owners are giving two thumbs up to health insurance exchanges as a viable way to provide health insurance to their employees, according to a statewide survey commissioned by HealthPass New York, a NYC-based commercial health insurance exchange. The survey also found that exchanges have the potential to change the health care marketplace in New York at a time when many small business owners are struggling to keep afloat. HealthPass New York commissioned Hudson TG to…

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Health insurance rates to rise by an average of 8% in New York

Data from the New York Department of Financial Services, which succeeds the state’s Insurance Department, shows that New Yorkers can expect to pay at least an average of 8% more on health insurance next year. In other, more populated areas of the state, such as New York City, the rates could get double-digit increases. Regulators have approved rate proposals from several insurance companies. The rate increases will affect more than 2 million policyholders throughout the state. Regulators approved the sleuth of rate increases in the hopes that the move would…

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Excellus of New York files for rate increases, cites soaring health care costs

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield of New York has approached state insurance regulators for approval to raise its health insurance rates. The proposal is planned to take effect next year and will impose a 19.5% increase on some of the policies in the state. The company says that the increase is necessary in order to keep up with soaring medical costs. This is the same reasoning that prevails amongst the majority of the nation’s health insurers, but the notion has yet to gain traction amongst lawmakers, who have been tasked…

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