What Insurance Do You Need If You Are in the Home Care Business

Home care business insurance

The home care industry is growing. With demand comes responsibility. Home care poses greater risks than taking care of patients in a medical facility or a nursing home. This is because in an in-home care setup, the responsibility and risks will be solely on your shoulders. To protect your business and your personal assets from such risks, you need insurance. Getting insurance for your home care business is not an option. It’s a must. Without proper insurance, you can end up losing your business in the event that you’re bombarded…

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Trends in long term care insurance purchasing are shifting

caregiver long term care insurance senior

According to the main industry association, people are choosing lower inflation growth options. The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) has now reported on the outcomes of its 2014 study that has determined that buyers are significantly changing their buying patterns when it comes to this type of coverage. Previous years had seen customers purchasing choices that gave a 5 percent annual boost to initial benefits. However, according to Jesse Slome, the director of the association, “In years past consumers favored policies that included an option that increased…

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Long term care insurance review gives Genworth stock a slap in the face

Long Term Care Insurance Premiums on the Rise

The reaction from Wall Street was far from positive as the company looks into its claims reserves. When Genworth Financial Inc. announced that it would be reviewing the adequacy of their claims reserves with regards to their long term care insurance business, the reaction from Wall Street was to send the company’s stock tumbling. The company has already reported that it had experienced a drop in its operating profits in the second quarter. In fact, the long term care insurance company’s stock fell by 14 percent, bringing it down $2.28…

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Long term care insurance policies may need extra inflation coverage

Long Term Care Insurance Planning

Many experts are starting to recommend that added protection be purchased to ensure the coverage will be adequate. Although it may sound a little bit strange to hear that experts are recommending extra coverage for a long term care insurance policy, but that is exactly what is happening on an increasing basis in order to protect policyholders against inflation. Without that additional protection, some are starting to question the value of this type of policy in the first place. The executive director of the American Association for Long Term Care…

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Long term care insurance is becoming more popular

Long Term Care insurance Costs

Americans are beginning to discover the importance of this coverage and are starting to buy again. The latest trend in long term care insurance in the United States appears to be the increasing recognition of the importance of this kind of coverage, and therefore a rise in the number of policies that are actually being purchased. This type of policy has been available to Americans for approximately 40 years. However, as it is an expensive form of insurance policy, many people have avoided it as they have prioritized other expenses…

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