NC insurance commissioner bans move-ins in unsafe university residence

NC Insurance Commissioner - Uniersity - Residences

The newly constructed University of North Carolina at Asheville residence halls were found unsafe. The NC insurance commissioner has banned students from being able to move into their residences at the University of North Carolina Asheville. Five newly constructed residence halls are deemed unsafe. The buildings were found to have issues that could pose safety and life concerns to residents. “As insurance commissioner, safety is my top priority,” said NC insurance commissioner Mike Causey. “I will not allow anyone to live in a building that may pose a threat to…

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North Carolina homeowners insurance rate hike paused for now

Releigh, Capital of North Carolina homeowners insurance rates

The NC insurance commissioner declined the price increase for the moment, but the halt is temporary. A recent request for a North Carolina homeowners insurance rate hike has been declined. This saves state residents from having to pay an average of 18.7 percent more for their home coverage. That said, the reprieve from the increased prices is only a temporary one as the rates will eventually rise. In the state, its commissioner must approve any North Carolina homeowners insurance rate changes. Though the industry requested the rate hike, it was…

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North Carolina Insurance Commissioner announces lower rates for rental properties

North Carolina property owners got some good news this past week as Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin announced that rates on some properties would drop by an average of 7.3%. The Commissioner also rejected a rate increase proposal from the North Carolina Rate Bureau, which would have raised rates on dwelling extended coverage by 36%. The lower rates will take effect on January 12, 2012, and will affect some 400,000 policies throughout the state. The lower rates will not apply to a homeowner’s primary residence, however, as the rates are meant…

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Policyholders to pay lower rate for fire coverage on rental dwellings in North Carolina

Wayne Goodwin, the North Carolina insurance commissioner, has ordered a decrease in the landlord insurance property rates by 7.3 percent, at the same time that a request by the industry to increase the rates for extended insurance coverage by 36.1 percent was denied. The rates generally fluctuate from part of the state to the next. The insurance industry group called the North Carolina Rate Bureau had been seeking to increase premiums paid by policyholders the area of Fayetteville by 25 percent for non owner-occupied properties. Some of the affected policyholders with rental…

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Talks of North Carolina new insurance regulation stirs the pot

North Carolinian legislators are toiling over a new bill that could make insurers a lot of money. The bill, which has the support of some of the state’s largest insurance companies, would enable auto insurers to raise their rates by 15% every year. There are also provisions within the legislation that would put strict limitations on the regulatory authority of North Carolina, giving companies more freedom to operate as they see fit. Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is convinced that the legislation is derived from companies wanting more money and nothing…

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