What is a No-Fault State?

what is a no fault state mean

Currently, there are 13 no-fault states in the U.S. These include Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York. If you live in a no-fault state, it means that a driver has to first file a claim with their own insurance company if they’re in an accident. Every state sets its own laws as far as who pays for an accident. Sometimes when there’s an accident involving two parties, the goal isn’t determining fault. The following are specific things to know about living in a no-fault state. Overview of a…

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Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault seeks to make Michigan car insurance information public

The Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault (CPAN), a Lansing-based group, has filed a lawsuit against the insurance system in Michigan at the Ingham County Circuit Court, with the intention of forcing the insurance industry to report the data it collects regarding health and accidents. Officials with the Coalition are working to alter the current insurance system through a proposal of two bills which was made in November and which has been supported by insurance companies. They are seeking to have information from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) – a…

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Minnesota no fault insurance system may crack under pressure

Minnesota’s no-fault auto insurance law has been under fire recently. Opponents of the law have been trying for some time to repeal the legislation, with their latest attempt again being overruled today. However, the state’s Senate committee approved a number of amendments to the law that may curb legislators drive to repeal it. The committee will also be examining alternatives to the law that will favor insurance companies by limiting payouts. The number of underinsured and uninsured drivers in the state is rising, according to Deputy Senate Majority Leader Geoff…

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