Auto insurance premiums calculations are under the microscope

auto insurance premiums

Insurers and industry groups are seeking to lower rates through the better use of available data. According to the research conducted by consumer groups, the factors that are being used to calculate auto insurance are being used unfairly for that practice, as issues unrelated to driving risk are being given far too much weight. These factors go far beyond the obvious points such as speeding tickets and car accidents. The New York Public Interest Research Group and the Consumer Federation of America have both issued their own separate reports that…

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Health insurance in New York may be too expensive

health insurance rates

Data suggests health care is unaffordable for many New data from the New York Public Interest Research Group and the state’s Department of Financial Services suggests that health insurance coverage in New York may cost more than consumers can afford. State data shows that New York City residents that have to purchase health insurance coverage on their own could be facing six-digit figures every year in costs. Even the least expensive coverage for families could cost tens of thousands of dollars annually, adding financial stress to those already struggling in…

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