NRA under investigation in New York for illegal gun insurance kickbacks

Illegal gun insurance - gun

The state regulator is looking into the National Rifle Association’s role in selling banned coverage products. The New York Department of Financial Services is currently investigating the NRA for allegedly taking illegal gun insurance kickbacks in the state. The investigation is examining the National Rifle Association’s role in the sale of banned coverage products to firearm owners. The NRA allegedly took in at least $14 million in illegal kickbacks in the state. The state regulator’s investigation is one component of a broader effort that launched in 2018. It is the…

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More than 800,000 people sign up for health insurance in New York

New York Health Insurance

New York insurance exchange sees a spike sign ups as open enrollment comes to a close An estimated 100,000 New Yorkers have signed up for insurance coverage through the state’s exchanges over the past week. To date, more than 812,000 people have signed up for coverage through the insurance exchange. Open enrollment for the exchange ended on March 31, meaning that those still uninsured may be subject to federal tax penalties. Those without insurance coverage can still find policies through the private market, of course, but may still be exposed…

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East Coast snow storm causes havoc in New York – insured losses estimated in the billions

 The East Coast has been assaulted by a violent and unprecedented snow storm. The storm moved in last week ahead of Halloween and the effects were most acutely felt in New York City. The insurance industry is still reeling from devastating natural disasters that occurred earlier in the year, many of which cost billions of dollars in insured losses. According to government officials, the storm has become the 11th economic disaster hitting the nation this year. Thus far, the storm has claimed eight lives and left 2.2 million people without…

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