Aetna pulls out of New Jersey health insurance exchange

New Jersey Health Insurance

Company opts to not participate in state health insurance exchange Aetna, one of the largest health insurance companies in the U.S., has announced that it will not be participating in the New Jersey health insurance exchange. The exchange is set to begin open enrollment on October 1 this year, and is meant to provide consumers with access to affordable health insurance plans. Aetna was expected to be a prominent participant in the exchange, but disagreements with state officials may have discouraged the company from participating in the state’s exchange. Aetna…

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Flood insurance rates to spike in New York and New Jersey

national Flood Insurance program tips

Flood insurance rates expected to rise in wake of Hurricane Sandy More than six months have passed since Hurricane Sandy barreled into New York and New Jersey. The two states suffered horrendous damage from the storm, but not from its strong winds. Floods caused the majority of the damage associated with Hurricane Sandy, which has proven to be a problematic issue for the victims of the powerful storm, especially those without flood insurance protection. The uninsured and the uninformed suffered serious losses due to the storm, with most believing their…

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Auto insurance survey sheds light on distracted driving

auto insurance

New Jersey auto insurance influenced by distracted drivers Plymouth Rock Assurance, an auto insurance organization based in New Jersey, has released the results of a new survey concerning distracted driving. The survey suggests that texting while driving remains a significant problem in New Jersey.  Though not implied by the survey, this problem could be contributing to the rising costs of auto insurance. Distractions are taken very seriously by the auto insurance sector, and any distraction could be justifiable cause to raise premiums due to the inherent risks they represent. Many…

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Many homeowners insurance claims in New Jersey go unpaid

Homeowners flood Insurance hurricane sandy damage

  Homeowners insurance claims from Hurricane Sandy remain unpaid Over the past several months, new concerning Hurricane Sandy has been somewhat steady. The powerful storm struck the Eastern U.S. back in October 2012, but its effects are still being felt presently. The storm struck New Jersey particularly hard and has caused several problems in the realm of homeowners insurance, especially as many consumers expressed confusion over the coverage they had for their properties. Report sheds light on troubled financial landscape in wake of powerful storm The report comes from the…

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New Jersey lawmakers take action on post-Sandy homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance New Jersey

Homeowners insurance landscape changes post-disaster Last year’s Hurricane Sandy dealt a powerful blow to the Eastern U.S. The powerful storm caused significant damage to homes and other properties in several states. In New Jersey, floods causing the most damage, putting heavy strain on the Federal Flood Insurance Program, which accounts for the majority of flood insurance protections in the country. The disaster brought several problems within the insurance sector to light, causing New Jersey lawmakers to take action on the issue of homeowners insurance in order to avoid future turbulence.…

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Auto insurance rates set to spike in New Jersey

Auto Insurance Rates Rise

Auto insurance coverage rates on the rise in New Jersey Auto insurance rates in New Jersey are on the rise this year. The state is already home to some of the highest auto insurance premiums in the country, but insurers are looking to raise coverage rates higher throughout the state. While higher rates were expected due to recent natural disasters, namely Hurricane Sandy, these disasters are not actually the reason for higher premiums. According to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, the rate hikes are actually due to…

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New Jersey insurance industry showing signs of change in wake of Hurricane Sandy

Inusrance Industry Hurricane Sandy

Insurance industry reforming after disaster Nearly six months after Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey, the effects that the storm has had on the insurance industry are beginning to manifest. New Jersey is not expressly exposed to natural disasters like tropical storms and hurricanes, but the state has suffered from a direct hit from Hurricane Sandy, as well as tropical storm Irene some time before that. The damage caused by the disasters was immense, leaving thousands without homes and businesses without property. The insurance industry has worked to pick up much…

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