Auto insurance rates set to spike in New Jersey

Auto Insurance Rates Rise

Auto insurance coverage rates on the rise in New Jersey Auto insurance rates in New Jersey are on the rise this year. The state is already home to some of the highest auto insurance premiums in the country, but insurers are looking to raise coverage rates higher throughout the state. While higher rates were expected due to recent natural disasters, namely Hurricane Sandy, these disasters are not actually the reason for higher premiums. According to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, the rate hikes are actually due to…

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New insurance regulations for New Jersey drivers

New Jersey is considering a massive change to the regulations for the personal injury element of auto insurance, with the intention of keeping rate increases under control. The primary changes have to do with the ways in which a doctor will be permitted to bill for the treatments provided, and will recreate the way in which a claim that has been denied can be appealed. While New Jersey has maintained its status among the more costly states in which to buy car insurance, its residents are paying lower premiums following…

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