Law in New Jersey aims to curb auto insurance fraud

Auto Insurance Fraud

New law will place harsher fines on those that commit auto insurance fraud in the state New legislation in New Jersey aims to make auto insurance fraud a more serious crime. State lawmakers have approved legislation that would leverage harsh penalties against those that commit insurance fraud, particularly for those that avoid paying premiums for their coverage. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud notes that premium dodging is a significant problem in New Jersey, particularly in areas where auto insurance tends to be more expensive. New Jersey is home to the…

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Auto insurance fraud is the latest NJ Assembly target

Auto insurance fraud

A new bill has been sponsored by Assemblyperson Wayne P. DeAngelo (D) to implement a crackdown. A new bill A2204 is before the Assembly, having been sponsored by Assemblyperson Wayne P. DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex) with the purpose of targeting the residents of the state who are purchasing their auto insurance in other states through fraudulent means, despite the fact that they reside primarily within New Jersey or the insured vehicle is primarily kept there. This is considered to be a form of fraud that is becoming quite costly within the state.…

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