Insurance news about Nationwide’s management of the security breach is covered up

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The massive insurer’s lawyers are being used to protect the details of the occurrence last October. Nationwide is currently doing its best to try to keep its insurance news as small as possible, regarding the investigations into the security breach that occurred last October, which exposed the information of 1.1 million Americans. The insurer is taking considerable efforts, through the use of a law firm, to protect the secrecy of the issue. Both state and federal investigators are currently looking into this insurance news, in order to better understand precisely…

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Insurance news from Nationwide underscores corporate liability risk

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The computer breach faced by the insurer highlights the chance of exposure from cybercrime. The insurance news that revealed a computer breach to Nationwide’s systems that resulted in the exposure of 1.1 million individuals to identity fraud has underscored the type of cybercrime that businesses are now worried will cause them to face a growing number of civil court actions. The insurer first went public with the announcement of the cyber attack on November 5. However, the initial breach had occurred on October 3 and impacted by that company and…

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Insurance news from Nationwide reveals a massive computer breach

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The insurer has announced a network attack that has compromised data from 1.1 million people. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. has just revealed that back in October, someone hacked into a part of their computer network, making insurance news when the data of over 1.1 million people was breached. The attack occurred on October 3 and involved the same network that is used by Allied. It has now discovered that this insurance news involves a breach that has compromised personal data from customers which can include names, birth dates, driver’s license…

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Nationwide posts first quarter profits for 2011, says major storm cut into earnings

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. has released their earnings for the first half of 2011. The acclaimed insurance company posted profits just shy of $400 million, a marked decline from last year in which the company earned over a billion. Profit diminished by 48% in just the first quarter, a fact the insurer is quick to blame on the violent storms and other natural disasters wreaking havoc earlier this year. The company has also released its earnings for the second quarter, reporting further losses due to weather related issues. The previous…

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