Tropical Storm Ernesto Brings Heavy Rainfall with Second Landfall: AIR

Tropical Storm Ernesto

BOSTON, Aug. 10, 2012 – According to catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, Tropical Storm Ernesto made its second landfall on Thursday, August 9 at around 1:00 PM CDT in southern part of the Mexican state of Veracruz. Wind damage is expected to be minimal, but the storm’s heavy rainfall is expected to continue throughout the day, even as the system dissipates. Significant insured losses are currently not expected from Ernesto. Interestingly, global models suggest that the remnants of Ernesto may redevelop into a tropical cyclone early next week after exiting…

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Tips for getting your home ready for the upcoming spring storms

The spring storms are on their way, and if there’s anything that could be learned from the record breaking natural events that occurred last year, it was that it’s very important to be prepared for their arrival. Though there’s nothing that you can do to stop the storms, there are a few precautions that you can take to give you some peace of mind when the big storm strikes. As a reminder, Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week is running from March 25 to March 30, spreading the word about the…

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Preparedness is the key to hurricane season

Families living in areas that are prone to experiencing hurricanes are highly advised to take the necessary steps to ensuring that they will be prepared and know what to do in the event of this type of tropical cyclone. This consists not only of knowing what to do when the actual hurricane has arrived, but also involves making sure that the entire family is prepared and knows the emergency plan. Ahead of the season for the storms, take the time to get to know all of the safe evacuation routes…

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