Earthquake insurance losses from Napa Valley could break the $1 billion mark

San Andreas Fault Line California earthquake insurance

The stunning wine region of California was, however, saved from extreme levels of damage from the quake. The quake that shook California’s prestigious Napa Valley region at a magnitude of 6.0, just over a week ago, is now estimated to have caused damages covered by earthquake insurance that could reach up to $1 billion. The damage in the region was centered in the actual Napa city, which essentially spared the nearby wineries. In fact, the majority of the wineries and vineyards were able to continue to operate as usual despite…

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Life insurance companies changing perspective on cancer survivors

Life Insurance

The industry is discovering that the odds for victims of this disease are improving. Cancer survivors are now finding that it is easier than it has ever been to be able to purchase life insurance, when not very long ago it was considered to be nearly out of the question. Medicine has come a long way and is changing the outlook for survivors of this disease and their coverage options. It wasn’t that long ago that a diagnosis of cancer was the same as a death sentence, but that is…

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