The difference portable UV lights make to your office disinfection routines

UV lights for desk

Agencies are preparing themselves with these tools to help keep workspaces effectively clean just in time for this year’s flu season. Insurance agency owners are following an important trend to help protect themselves and their teams by using portable UVC lights to keep workspaces – and the air around them – regularly disinfected. Lightweight lamps can often be found in every office, improving the effectiveness of conventional cleaning. Adding a Mogix portable Ultraviolet light to every desk in the office makes it quick and convenient to sanitize the space regularly…

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October is Breast Cancer Month and Mogix is spreading savings and awareness

The gadgets and accessories company is donating one fifth of the profits from its October sales. In recognition of Breast Cancer Month, Mogix Accessories has announced a massive charitable donation campaign. At the same time that 20 percent of all sales proceeds will be donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation, its top pink product will also be $3.00 cheaper with a coupon code. The pink tire pressure gauge and auto rescue tool is expected to be high on the awareness of breast cancer gifts list. The reason Mogix selected…

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Mogix Announces Exclusive “Insane” Amazon Launch Deal of New Portable Battery Charger

Mogix portable battery charger

The initial release sale for this external phone charger has created quite a stir in the insurance sector. On Monday, a company called Mogix send out an exclusive offer to subscribers of the newsletter from Live Insurance News, that offered readers their new portable battery charger at an insanely low price, and since then, the industry has been talking (possibly on well charged devices!). The launch offer sold the external phone charger at a tiny fraction of its current sale price, let alone the retail price. Readers of the Live…

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