Missouri homeowners insurance rates have increased 76 percent in ten years

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Consumers in the state are experiencing some of the fastest increases in the US due to severe weather events. A new analysis of Missouri homeowners insurance rates has shown that consumers in the state are paying an average of 76 percent more this year than they did a decade ago. The severe weather that is striking the state on a more regular basis is to blame for the rate hikes. The Missouri homeowners insurance rate hike is the seventh largest percentage increase in the country. As severe weather events become…

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Missouri homeowners are being encouraged to purchase flood insurance coverage

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Consumers and businesses alike are being urged to acquire flood insurance Missouri homeowners, business owners, and renters are being encouraged to purchase flood insurance coverage, even if their properties are not located in risk-prone areas. Floods have caused significant damage in the past due to heavy rainfall and powerful storms. In Missouri, those without flood protection are being urged to acquire coverage in order to adequately protect themselves and their properties. Typically, however, the only place for people to find coverage is through the National Flood Insurance Program. Agencies in…

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FEMA pulls disaster funds from the South to help the East Coast

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced that it will be freezing some of the disaster aid for the Southern U.S. in order to focus more resources on the East Coast to help the recovery effort in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Many Southern states are still struggling to recover from disastrous events earlier in the year. As Tropical Storm Lee surges through these states, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is looking for answers. Ahead of the storm, Nixon has issued a letter to FEMA challenging the agency to justify…

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Flood insurance companies prepare for a potentially disastrous summer

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service announced last week that this summer’s flooding season may be the worst on record. Both the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers are currently overrunning their banks, inundating much of their surrounding areas with water. There are also several other, smaller rivers , that are also flowing over as well. Some have served as emergency spillovers for larger rivers, but none have been able to stem the flow of the water. Much of the flooding is due to storms far to the north,…

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FEMA warns of flooding and last minute insurance may be too late

Hurricane season has arrived and there have already been reports of a hurricane raging in the Pacific. Early Friday, the National Hurricane Center announced that tropical storm Adrian had graduated to a full-fledged hurricane and was heading toward land. It is expected to reach the coasts of Mexico within the next day. On the other side of the country, in the Gulf Coast, concerns are rising as to what disasters this season could bring. Along the Mississippi River, the danger of flooding due to storms is all too real. Storms…

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