Homeowners insurance claims pour in following hail storm

homeowners insurance hail damage storm

The widespread damage in Mississippi also lead to hundreds of auto filings within the first few hours. Within the first days following the hailstorms in Mississippi, hundreds of auto and homeowners insurance claims have been coming in due to the damage that had been left behind in the state’s capital city and surrounding areas. Authorities have yet to calculate precisely how many structures and vehicles were damaged. It looks as though Jackson and its suburbs faced the heaviest damage in the state. According to a Farm Bureau Insurance employee, Jim…

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Mississippi House faces another attempt for online computer checks for car insurance

The Mississippi House is yet again moving ahead with a proposal to establish online computer checks to make certain that motorists are covered by car insurance. Last year, former Governor Haley Barbour vetoed a similar measure. Insurance Research Council data from 2009 shows that Mississippi is the state with the highest portion of uninsured drivers in the country, having reached 28 percent. In fact, that is twice as high as the Council’s national average for uninsured drivers. This latest measure was sponsored by Gary Chism (R-Columbus), the House Insurance Committee…

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New online verification system for auto insurance in Mississippi

The Mississippi Senate recently passed the auto-insurance verification bill wherein it forces the state’s residents to comply with the Mississippi insurance laws. The bill is set to face a legislative deadline soon. The bill introduces a new program that allows the use of computer technology in verifying the coverage of liability insurance for the Department of Revenue and Insurance Department and the Department of Public Safety. For motorists who do not have insurance policies, they will be facing penalties such fines that can go as high as $500 or suspension…

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