Former HHS Secretaries join forces to encourage health insurance market stability

health insurance market stability

The countries past health chiefs recently spoke with a message to President Trump and GOP Congress members. Former U.S. health secretaries recently spoke with a message to President Donald Trump and GOP Congress members, saying that when it comes to the health insurance market stability, don’t make things worse. Their goal was to try to convince the lawmakers not to unbalance the stability even further. As it appears as though the Affordable Care Act is here to stay for at least the foreseeable future, the former health chiefs are encouraging…

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Former Secretary of Health and Human Services speaks out about insurance exchanges

The Affordable Care Act was first introduced as an initiative to overhaul the nation’s failing health care system. While its aims may be altruistic, the health care law’s most recognized success lies in the ruffling of feathers amongst politicians. Steeped in controversy, many state lawmakers are overlooking a key provision of the act, which dictates that all states must host a self-sustaining health insurance exchange. Turning a blind eye to this provision may weaken a state’s authority in their own insurance industry, says Mike Leavitt, former Secretary of the Department…

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