Special auto insurance required in Mexico for American tourists

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Over the colder winter months, tourists regularly head south, but their personal policies may not cover them. Driving from the United States of America down south to the United Mexican States is a very common occurrence when a little bit of warmer weather is desired during the winter months, but many Americans don’t know that they will need a special auto insurance policy in order to be able to stay behind the wheel once they’ve crossed the border. A car insurance policy based in the U.S. will not be accepted…

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Auto insurance will be required on all Mexican federal roads

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Though state laws aren’t changing with regards to coverage, federal highways and bridges are different. Coverage is going to be mandatory whether you’re a citizen of the country or you’re driving across the border for a fun vacation, so auto insurance policies should be checked to ensure that they are adequate. New amendments to the laws in the country have determined that car insurance is a necessity for drivers. Though there is still a considerable rate of uninsured drivers in the country, for those who want to head out on…

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Insuring your RV with the best Mexican insurance

RV enthusiasts love to hit the road and travel on seemingly endless adventures without the need to worry about where they’ll stay or how they’ll get there, no matter which side of the border they may have crossed. In order to make sure that they can, indeed, be as carefree as possible, it is important to make sure that the vehicle is fully insured, no matter where you may happen to travel. After all, many RVers are discovering that the Pacific coast of Mexico and the Baja Peninsula are hidden…

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Mexican Insurance Store provides travelers with an easy way to stay on top of travel alerts

Mexican Insurance Store is now providing travelers with not only high quality auto insurance coverage in Mexico, but is now offering them a simple and convenient way to stay on top of the latest travel alerts that have been issued for the country. The ongoing safety issues that have continued in Mexico have led the U.S. State Department, and other national agencies such as the Canadian government, to issue travel safety alerts to individuals considering a visit to those locations. According to the president of Mexican Insurance Store, Linden Gray,…

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MAPFRE now available to car insurance policyholders through Mexican Insurance Store

Mexican Insurance Store has recently received authorization to sell MAPFRE Mexican auto insurance products as an element of their effort to offer their customers the largest possible variety of affordable policies. This initiative provides the Mexican auto insurer with the ability to offer a broader number of travelers with products that will meet their needs. According to the founder and director of the company, Linden Gray, they are thrilled with the MAPFRE addition to their offerings. Gray went on to say that they are always seeking additional methods with which…

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