Gun owners insurance policies thin out following Florida shootings

gun owners insurance

MetLife and Chubb have severed their ties with the National Rifle Association. The Florida shootings may make it more challenging to purchase gun owners insurance. Both Metlife and Chubb have made decisions to sever their relationships with the National Rifle Association. Chubb announced it would no longer underwrite National Rifle Association branded insurance policies. The company stated that its gun owners insurance underwriting would cease under the NRA’s brand. That coverage is designed to assist gun owners in paying their legal costs should their firearms be used in self defense.…

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MetLife Insurance announces massive layoff…of Snoopy mascot!

MetLife Insurance Snoopy Charlie Brown

The insurer has decided to retire its use of the Peanuts character after over 30 years together. MetLife Insurance has now made the difficult decision to end its long term relationship with Snoopy. The beloved Peanuts character has represented the insurance company for more than three decades. However, Bloomberg News reported that the character would be phased out of the insurer’s promotions. Over the next while, the marketing strategy for MetLife will cease to use Snoopy as a component. Snoopy first started to work for MetLife Insurance back in the…

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Life insurance to be available at Walmart locations

Walmart health Insurance

The largest retailer in the world is working with New York based insurer MetLife to sell the products. Walmart has just announced the beginning of a pilot program that it has undertaken with MetLife, in order to sell prepaid life insurance policies to shoppers at 200 of the retailer’s locations in South Carolina and Georgia. Customers in the stores will be able to purchase the coverage as they would any other item in the store. According to the MetLife senior vice president of consumer direct business, Manish Bhatt, “We believe…

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MetLife agrees to settle life insurance claims in several states

auto Insurance fraud

The life insurance giant has agreed to a multistate settlement following regulator allegations among many states. MetLife Inc., the massive company that provides life insurance to millions of individuals across dozens of states, has announced that it will make approximately $438 million in payments toward a multistate settlement following allegations from regulators that said that it had withheld or delayed payments to thousands of policyholders. The payments will be made to beneficiaries over the next 17 years, with payments worth $188 this year. Regulators in many different states have all…

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Women may not have enough knowledge about their life insurance policies, says MetLife

A new study from MetLife Insurance shows that working women may not be as knowledgeable about their life insurance policies as they should be. The study, titled MetLife 2011 Insurance Literacy Study, finds that 45% of working women have not taken a second look at their insurance needs since obtaining their first life insurance policy. This could leave their families at financial risk should the unexpected happen. Researchers with MetLife say that more steps should be taken to educate consumers on how their needs change over time and the importance…

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MetLife offers brochures to assist drivers to avoid distraction problems

MetLife Auto & Home is currently offering brochures to drivers for free in order to help them to avoid some of the most common basic driving problems – specifically those relating to distraction, after texting is being associated with an increase in collisions. Texting while driving has drawn a great deal of attention over the last few years, as drivers take their eyes from the road and look to their tiny screens and keyboards to communicate with friends, family, and business contacts. Unfortunately, this significant distraction is also being associated…

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