Substance abuse and mental health insurance claims double in ten years

Mental health insurance claims - young woman stressed

Claims are more than twice what they were a decade ago and the increase is driven by young adults and teens. Substance abuse and mental health insurance claims have spiked over the last decade, more than doubling during that time, said a new report. Moreover, the driving force behind this staggering growth rate is young adults and teens. The report was published in May by FAIR Health, a nonprofit health care organization. The report showed that rates of anxiety and depression among Americans of all ages have been rising over…

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Mental health insurance didn’t save Joshua Marks, MasterChef runner-up

josh marks mental health insurance

Despite the fact that he had very good coverage, the “gentle giant” lost his battle and killed himself on Friday. Regardless of the fact that Joshua Marks had very good mental health insurance coverage, this second place winner from the popular “MasterChef” reality show committed suicide on October 11, 2013. The family of Marks is now pointing the finger at a lack of treatment facilities and easy gun access. According to Marks’ family, he had been in “the battle of his life fighting mental illness” when he killed himself on…

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