Massachusetts insurance industry helping Massachusetts towns recover from explosions

Massachusetts insurance industry gas explosion support

After three towns suffered natural gas explosions, carriers are helping them get back on their feet. As three towns in continue to recover from several natural gas explosions, the Massachusetts insurance industry is trying to help. Certain specific insurance companies have stepped up to try to assist with the return to normalcy. The natural gas explosions rocked their communities as one person was killed and 25 were injured. Certain parts of the Massachusetts insurance industry have reached out to try to help those who are affected. The blasts occurred on…

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MEMA releases flood insurance information for consumers

New York Homeowners Insurance Rules

MEMA information could help consumers understand their policies and file claims The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has released information that aims to help the victims of flood file flood insurance claims. Mississippi residents that have flood insurance receive their coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The majority of the state’s homeowners, however, do not have coverage that protects them from the damage caused by floods. Yet, many of these homeowners believe they are adequately protected by the coverage they receive through the state’s wind pool policies. MEMA…

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