Medicare expansion through single payer health care gets support of 15 senators

bernie sanders health insurance medicare expansion

While Democrats lean toward Sanders’s single payer system, Republicans oppose the measure. Fifteen Democratic senators have shown their interest in a single payer health-care system through widespread Medicare expansion. This represents a considerable shift among Democrats, who have previously seen this type of strategy as politically perilous. Until now, most lawmakers have avoided this type of concept like the plague, but this seems to have changed. Senate Democrats have co-sponsored a measure Senator Bernie Sanders (VT – Independent) proposed yesterday. It was created for broad Medicare expansion in order to…

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Children’s Health Insurance Program funding slashed in Trump budget

Children’s Health Insurance Program

While that program is hacked down by 20 percent, millions more kids will be affected with the Medicaid reductions. President Donald Trump’s budget plans will take down the Children’s Health Insurance Program funds by at least a fifth of its current size within two years. At the same time, Medicaid, a program that covers millions of other kids, will also be axed down in size. Millions of families may watch their health plans disappear if the president’s proposed budget passes. The budget, entitled “A New Foundation for American Greatness,” would…

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Veterans health insurance may be dropped by 600,000 in 2017

veterans health insurance

More than half a million vets could find themselves without coverage, say researchers. New research from the (left-leaning) Urban Institute has said 600,000 veterans health insurance policies may cease next year. The reason, said the report, is that in 19 states, Medicaid is not expanding enough to cover the vets. Even with the Medicaid expansion that has already occurred, there continue to be hundreds of thousands of uninsured. The Urban Institute has cautioned that unless the 19 states that have continued to withhold the expansion broaden their programs, there will…

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Health insurance coverage is growing, says Census Bureau

Covered California exchange health insurance coverage

A new report has just been released and has showed that there continue to be fewer uninsured Americans. The Census Bureau has now released its Health Insurance Coverage in the United States for 2015 report. It revealed that last year saw greater progress in reducing the number of people who are uninsured. This maintained a trend that was recorded the year before when there was a considerable plummet in the number of people without a health plan. Last year, the rate of uninsured people fell to 9.1 percent after having…

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The high cost of long term care is rarely planned for

senior medicare cost of long term care insurance

While planning for retirement, few people plan for the potential need for nursing home care. The cost of long term care has become one of the largest expenses faced during retirement. At the same time, only a small minority of people actually plan for this eventual need. By the time a person reaches the age of 65, their chances of needing a nursing home at some point are about 50-50 at the moment. These types of annual cost are very high and most people haven’t factored it into their savings.…

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Taxpayers to commit $660 billion for health insurance subsidies in the US

Health Insurance Expense

Subsidies to help cover the cost of coverage for those over the age of 65 are growing This year, taxpayers in the United States will commit more than $660 billion to help subsidize health insurance coverage for those over the age of 65, according to the. The federal agency has released one of its most comprehensive reports concerning the cost of subsidized insurance coverage, highlighting the potential these subsidies have to reduce the national deficit. According to the report, the 2016 tax bill accounts for 3.6% of the country’s gross…

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Bernie Sanders unveils new health insurance plan for the US

bernie sanders health insurance medicare expansion

Sanders has revealed his new Medicare for All plan to reform the health insurance sector The 2016 presidential campaign is heating up and health care may be a major issue that will sway voters this year. Senator Bernie Sanders, whom is among the forerunners of those vying for the presidency, has introduced a new plan that seeks to reform the health insurance system in the United States. Sanders calls the plan “Medicare for All,” which is, in the most basic sense, a universal health care plan that aims to ensure…

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More are gaining health insurance in Indiana

obamacare health insurance agent business

Number of uninsured people in Indiana is dropping quickly A growing number of people are gaining health insurance coverage in Indiana. This year, Governor Mike Pence expanded the state’s Medicaid program. Through this expansion, a greater demographic of people are eligible for coverage through the program. Governor Pence decided to take a different approach to expanding the Medicaid program than what was outlined through the Affordable Care Act. Pence believes that his approach will make the state’s Medicaid program more accommodating of the needs of consumers. Indiana University Health finds…

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Health insurance exchanges serve as effective safety net

online health insurance technology exchange

Federal data shows that consumers can find coverage through exchanges if they have lost their insurance Health insurance exchanges in the United States are performing well as a safety net for those that lose their coverage. The federal government has released data concerning how exchanges operate as a safety net, which is something that is often overlooked by those involved in the insurance sector. These exchanges were meant to expand the availability of insurance coverage to millions of consumers, but they have also managed to ensure that people have a…

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HHS Secretary calls for expansion of health insurance programs

health insurance healthcare reform

Secretary Burwell wants insurance programs expanded in 19 states Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell is calling for the expansion of Medicare and Medicaid in 19 states. Burwell suggests that expansion of these programs could provide millions of people with access to health insurance coverage. The 19 states that have decided not to expand these programs account for approximately 4 million uninsured people. Utah is currently the only state in the nation that has not yet decided whether it should expand these programs. Medicare and Medicaid have…

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