Mind the Gap: Things to Know Before Picking the Best Medicare Supplement Plan


Whether you have just turned 65, are about to turn 65, or are looking after a loved one who already has, keeping abreast of Medicare policy changes and picking the best Medicare supplement plan can seem like a daunting task. While the basic Medicare supplement plans (Plans A – N) are standardized at the federal government level, there are still many variations and nuances that occur at the state level. For example, some states may charge different rates for males than they do for females; some states won’t ask questions…

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Health insurance comparison guide for 2013 Medicare supplement released

Medicaid insurance plans standards

The Louisiana Department of Insurance and senior counselors are helping beneficiaries for next year. With the 2013 open enrollment period growing closer to completion for Medicare health insurance beneficiaries, officials in the industry are now ready to help people to ensure that they make the right choices for their coverage. Assistance is now available for helping to make decisions and use the coverage more effectively. Louisiana Department of Insurance Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIP) has counselors who are working throughout the state to help beneficiaries of Medicare to choose…

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Sterling Insurance announces new California Supplement policies for Medicare beneficiaries

Sterling Insurance has announced that it is now offering California residents Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policies There are currently over 4.8 million residents of the state that are eligible to receive Medicare. In California, every day means that approximately 1,000 more people will have turned 65, rapidly increasing the number of possibly eligible beneficiaries. At the moment, only 7 percent of the Medicare-eligible population of the state is carrying a Medicare Supplement policy, which means that there is a large number of people who have health coverage, but who will also…

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Answers you should know to the FAQ’s about Medicare

Though it may feel overwhelming when you are faced with the most common questions to Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance, in truth, it doesn’t take hours of research to know what options are available to you. The most commonly asked question is regarding the difference between Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans, and the Original Medicare. The fact is that there are a number of important differences between them. The original plan is government Medicare, whereas MA is private Medicare. The two plans involve comparable out-of-pocket expenses. An MA plan is essentially…

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What consumers can expect from Medigap coverage

According to senior Medicare adviser from PlanPrescriber, Steve Zaleznick, consumers with original Medicare have been watching their insurance premiums steadily climb, and it is recommended that these individuals carefully consider their Medigap supplemental coverage in order to make sure that adequate protection under a less expensive plan. According to the director of benefits access policy of the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit advocacy organization, National Council on Aging, Hilary Sohmer Dalin, Medigap plans are designed to function with the original Medicare plan, and “Medigap wraps itself around Medicare and covers some or…

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