Insurance brokers are looking to the marijuana “green rush”

medical marijuana - insurance policy

As a growing number of areas start to legalize medical and even recreational use of cannabis, a new market is growing. Many areas across the United States – as well as in various other parts of the world – there has been a growing momentum on a political and cultural front to legalize both the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, and insurance brokers are among those who have spotted a considerable change in business that is now on its way. There are a number of opportunities that could rapidly…

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Michigan lawmakers poised to shut insurance loophole concerning medical marijuana

The issue of medical marijuana and how it pertains to insurance has been under debate in Michigan. Lawmakers have previously enacted legislations that freed insurers from paying for medical marijuana, but the same cannot be said for auto insurance companies. It is fairly common for those that have been injured in car accidents to seek medical marijuana as a way to medicate the pain. According to state lawmakers, no insurance coverage was ever meant to accommodate such a treatment and now legislators are looking at new laws that would bar…

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