Medical marijuana bill drops dead despite popularity

medical marijuana autism insurance bill Georgia

The effort for the Georgia bill has now closed despite the fact that both houses had voted in favor. Even though both houses in Georgia had voted in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, the effort died away at midnight on Friday with the close of the legislative session. The issue was in a stalemate in linking the bill with insurance for autistic children. The problem wasn’t that the medical marijuana bill wasn’t adequately supported. It was that the Senate and the House had come to a stalemate over the move…

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Insurance industry backing a bill stopping medical marijuana claims from workers compensation coverage

The Insurance Institute of Michigan has revealed that the insurance industry in the state has supported a proposed law that would stop the workers compensation from being able to fund medical marijuana claims. There is already a bill being considered by the legislature in Michigan which would ban auto insurance companies from being allowed to provide payouts for medical marijuana as an part of accident claims. Some auto insurers have already been making these payments as there is some uncertainty connected to the law regarding medical marijuana in the state.…

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