Michigan auto insurance reform cuts injured driver fee by 55 percent

Michigan auto insurance reform - car accident

The MCCA intends to reduce its assessment for certain drivers with no-fault reform law implementation. New Michigan auto insurance reform will reduce injured driver fee as of July of next year with the implementation of new law. The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association will be cutting down assessments for some motorists. The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (M.C.C.A.) intends to cut back its assessment for motorists who keep up unlimited medical coverage for injuries in car crashes. This reduction will take the assessment down from $220 to $100 per vehicle and it…

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Auto insurance records access creates battle in Michigan

michigan auto insurance

Groups in the state feel that the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association is not adequately transparent. The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) fund is at the center of a considerable controversy when it comes to its transparency, and groups are now trying to boost the access to records with regards to the no-fault auto insurance system in the state. That association is responsible for the assessment of the $186 fee per vehicle fee that is a component of the state’s system. Groups are currently seeking to find a way to force…

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Michigan insurance news – no-fault fund transparency

Michigan Auto Insurance news

  Every car in Michigan pays a $175 yearly fee to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association. In recent insurance news, one Judge in Ingham county decided that the public fund should be open for review so residents can understand how the fund sets the annual rate. No-fault and catastrophic loss The MCCA was created by state legislation to help Michigan insurance companies that pay out more than half a million in claim money to people in car accidents and suffer life altering injuries. This limit is for individual claims. Residents have…

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Drivers in Michigan to see an average car insurance premiums increase of $30

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) has just announced that there will be an increase of $30 per vehicle to the auto insurance rates paid by drivers in the state starting on July 1, 2012, as per the new rate for 2012-13. This will raise the average premium by 21 percent, making it $175. Premiums undergo an annual adjustment in Michigan in order to cover the claims that are made under the state’s no-fault insurance law’s unlimited lifetime medical benefits. The results of the assessment are applied to each car…

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Michigan: New fees being charged on car insurance

Michigan drivers will be facing assessment fees to be instituted by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) beginning this summer. These fees are meant to help insurance companies cover the cost of disastrous injuries resulting from auto accidents. The MCCA claims that the fee is necessary to offset the huge financial loss facing insurers who provide coverage for victims of accidents whose care exceeds $500,000. There has been some scrutiny in the past over the MCCA’s actions, much of which has been focused on the organizations lack of accountability and…

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