Abortion insurance bill moves through Washington Senate

abortion insurance bill Woman Using Her Mobile Phone

The measure is now on its way to the state House, in which previous years have passed it. The Washington Senate recently passed an abortion insurance bill, sending it forward to the House. Should the measure become law, it would mean that insurance companies in the state that offer maternity care would also be required to provide coverage for contraception and elective abortions. Senate Bill 6219 passed the Senate with a vote of 26-22, including the vote of one Republican. In this vote, Senator Joe Fain (R) voted along with…

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California insurers are not required to include maternity coverage in health plans

Residents that purchase individual health insurance are left with little options if they wish to have something as basic as maternity coverage. Due to California law, insurers can make this coverage optional, narrowing the market to only a few high priced plans within major insurer’s portfolios.  In fact, you could be paying on average 30 to 40% higher rates than plans that exclude maternity. The majority of consumers affected by these higher costs are usually self employed and are left with no other choice but to pick high deductible plans.…

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