An overview of health insurance for young adults

College Student Insurance

An overview of federal law In the U.S., health insurance is undergoing major changes spurred by the Affordable Care Act. The federal law has introduced many new regulations designed to govern health care throughout the country and the law’s provisions will have a dramatic impact on the way health insurance works and how accessible it is, especially for young adults. While young people may be quite knowledgeable of certain things, especially if it has to do with pop culture, many people are confused about what the Affordable Care Act means…

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China to open its auto insurance market to foreign insurers next year

China may soon open its doors to foreign auto insurance companies. China is the world’s largest auto market and insurance coverage in mandatory for all drivers in the nation. The country has been closed to foreign companies for decades, but China’s prominent place in the auto market may soon change that fact, according to Jin Jianqiang, chairman of the Insurance Association of China. The change may come as soon as 2012. China’s auto insurance market is valued at $31 billion currently. The market is dominated by Chinese insurance companies, which…

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