Maine officials work to raise awareness of health insurance opportunities

Maine Health Insurance

Maine residents may lack access to guidance Guidance concerning health insurance has been difficult for some to attain in Maine since the launch of the state’s insurance exchange in October. Nearly a dozen of the state’s largest communities are located more than 15 miles from navigators that can provide assistance to those interested in applying for coverage through the exchange system. While many consumers can access navigators via phone, navigators themselves have proven to be quite busy and it can be somewhat difficult to get in touch with a counselor…

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Report makes recommendation for healthcare exchange regulations in Maine

A report laying out the major element of the Maine health insurance reform – its healthcare exchange – has been presented to the state legislative committee and is being received with dissatisfaction from Democrats. Senator Joseph Brannigan (D-Portland) said that upon receipt of the report, he and the other Insurance and Financial Services Committee members are disappointed. He explained that “It just doesn’t seem friendly and inviting as a marketplace for businesses and people shopping for insurance.” The Affordable Care Act, which is the heart of the overhaul of the…

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