Flood insurance is a recommended coverage for residents of Maine

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Homeowners living in the state are urged to purchase protection when they are located near a body of water. Officials in the state of Maine are now urging homeowners and business owners to think about purchasing flood insurance coverage when the structure is located near a body of water and could therefore be at risk very soon. The flooding season in the state is rapidly approaching, as the snow begins to melt and rains begin. The Maine Floodplain Management Program is reminding homeowners and business owners that the typical policies…

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Maine insurance regulators urging consumers to purchase flood insurance before the stormy season begins

The Maine Floodplain Management Program, a state-run initiative that works in tandem with the National Flood Insurance Program, is urging state residents to purchase flood insurance before the stormy season gains momentum. According to state regulators, floods in Maine are often the result of coastal storms that happen near the beginning of spring and during the hurricane season later in the year. Regulators note that while flood insurance is often very affordable, few consumers have policies because they do not think that such disasters will happen to them. March and…

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