Auto insurance in Maine is among the most affordable in the US

Homeowners and Auto Insurance

A recent NAIC report has shown that the state has some of the lowest rates in the country. Eric Cioppa, the Insurance Superintendant for Maine, has announced that two reports released by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) have shown that the state’s auto insurance affordability has improved when compared to other states in the country. It indicated that drivers in Maine are now in one of the top ten most affordable states. This means that the auto insurance costs within Maine are considered to be within the top…

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More and more people driving without insurance

The high unemployment rates and continuing poor economy have affected almost everyone across the United States. When people lose a job they start looking at where they can cut their bills to make ends meet. Unfortunately, sometimes their car insurance is one of the areas that get cut. The rate of uninsured drivers for 2010 hit 16.1 percent. Several states have amended previous insurance requirements, or changed the minimum amounts a driver is required to carry. Some states have changed coverage that was once mandatory, like underinsured motorist, and made…

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