Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance for High Risk Male and Female Drivers

Young Driver auto usage based Insurance

Top Ways To Lower Young Driver Car Insurance Rates PRESS RELEASE: “Here’s a unique chance to secure a young driver’s cheap car insurance coverage for those who may be branded risky in their driving habits. Qualified buyers in the age group 18 to 25 years could get benefited with huge discounts worth up to 45% provided they satisfied some basic requirements. See if you can qualify for these discounts and more…” Drivers who are on the lookout for a cheap young driver car insurance may now obtain discounts up to…

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Usage based insurance could change the entire underwriting model

usage based insurance

A growing number of auto insurers are offering telematics programs. As the popularity of usage based insurance grows among both auto insurers and consumers, the data that is provided through the telematics devices is helping to provide more accurate information regarding the risks associated with a certain driver, so that pricing can better reflect that actual risk. This approach is already in place in many parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. At the moment, the most common usage based insurance programs in North America are in truck…

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Saving money by better understanding your auto insurance coverage options

According to a news release issued by the Insurance Information Institute has shown that consumers purchasing auto insurance for the first time, or who are renewing an existing policy, should contact their agent or company rep to ensure that they are receiving the coverage that they need and at the best possible rate. Accomplishing this requires the consumer to educate him or herself at least a little bit about the various coverage options that are available. One of the best ways to obtain this information is simply by asking questions…

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TomTom announces new first-of-its-kind partnership with Motaquote

TomTom has just announced that it has made a groundbreaking new partnership in the insurance market with the Motaquote insurance broker, by agreeing to provide the technology to support a new behavior-based insurance product that uses the driver’s habits to help gauge the premiums. The product being offered by Motaquote is called Fair Pay Insurance, and it will use TomTom technology to be able to reward drivers with lower risk habits by decreasing the premiums that they pay. According to the managing director of TomTom business solutions, Thomas Schmidt, “Our…

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Auto insurance based on mileage, IntelliDrive, can offer greater savings to drivers

Recent data has been suggesting that a growing number of consumers are attempting to save money by reducing the amount of driving that they’re doing. Though the main reason for this is to decrease the amount of gas that is used, and lower the amount of maintenance needed on the vehicle, Travelers is now offering another incentive to customers to keep their mileage down. The new IntelliDrive insurance product rewards low-mileage drivers with discounts of up to 5 percent at the time of enrollment, and an additional discount of up…

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Does Progressive’s Snapshot program offer a true auto insurance discount?

Progressive has taken a new approach to car insurance, called the Snapshot program, that allows its policy holders to share their driving habit information for the opportunity to try to save money. According to the general manager of usage-based insurance at Progressive, Richard Hutchinson, the program is completely voluntary, so drivers who are not interested in taking part are not required to do so. Participating drivers have their cars fitted with a Snapshot transmitter device, which is compatible with most vehicles made in 1996 and afterward. The device monitors the…

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