How much more do you pay in auto insurance after a crash?

Auto insurance - Car Collision

Following an accident, most insurers will hike your monthly premiums by a certain amount. A car accident is never good news, but beyond the immediate issues it causes, it can also cause your auto insurance premiums to rise. That said, consumers often wonder how much more they will pay after suffering a car crash. Unfortunately, there’s no fast and solid answer to tell a driver precisely how much more they will pay for auto insurance after an accident. There are many different factors that are taken into consideration, including the…

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How A Black Box Could Lower Auto Insurance Rates

Usage Based Insurance

Are you a young or relatively inexperienced driver who is tired of paying astronomical auto insurance rates? A solution to these staggering fees may be coming to a broker near you. And it comes in the form of a little black box. Yes, the technology that solves airline crash mysteries is becoming available to passenger cars. Perhaps, even the one in your driveway. Usage-based Insurance Just north of the border, Desjardins Insurance has began offering its clients in Ontario and Quebec “usage-based” insurance. This option is meant to allow high-risk drivers…

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Mercury Insurance invests more money in Prop 33

California auto insurance

Mercury Insurance executive donates more funds to controversial legislative initiative Mercury Insurance executive George Joseph has donated more money to a legislative initiative in California, the fate of which will be determined in November this year. The initiative is known as Proposition 33 and aims to provide more rate increase freedoms to the state’s auto insurance companies. Mercury Insurance has been one of the strongest advocates of the initiative, which has earned the company a fair amount of criticism for wanted to raise rates in an unjustified manner. Prop 33…

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National Association of Insurance Commissioners applauds achievements of deregulation of auto insurance in Massachusetts

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, following the deregulation of the auto insurance marketplace in Massachusetts in April 2008, the average driver’s coverage premiums decreased by $133.80 per year. The Association released a report that showed that at the end of 2007, the average premium had been $1,056.91 per year. Two years later, at the same time, it had dropped to $923.11. That meant that the average decrease in auto insurance premiums was 12.7 percent per year. It noted that only the figures considered only the premiums paid…

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