Unemployment insurance claims increase in Louisiana

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The state’s weekly filings for first time claimants are now on the rise. According to a recent report on the figures regarding the first time claims for unemployment insurance in Louisiana, during the week that ended on June 7, the state experienced a weekly filing increase that was quite significant. Though the previous week’s total had been 2,976, the most recent figures rose to 3,292. That is a massive increase to experience from one week to the next, but the state labor department expressed that those unemployment insurance figures were…

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Unemployment insurance claims for first timers on the rise in Louisiana

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The state has now started to see an increase in the number of people claiming when they hadn’t the week before. The official report from the Louisiana Workforce Commission has shown that the number of first time claims for unemployment insurance in the state for the week that ended on May 17 showed an increase over the number that had been recorded during the week before. In one week, the number of first time claims rose from 2,209 to become a notably higher 2,343. That said, while these unemployment insurance…

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