Health insurance rates going up in Louisiana

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Policies purchased through state’s exchange will have higher premiums beginning in 2015 Those that have purchased health insurance coverage through the Louisiana exchange could see their rates increase in the coming year. The state’s Department of Insurance has announced that approximately 60,000 people that have purchased coverage through the exchange will see rate increases in the double-digits in 2015. This expectation of higher rates comes after receiving proposals from insurance companies. Many insurers are looking to raise the rates for the coverage that they provide in order to better position…

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Louisiana will not build a health insurance exchange

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Louisiana rejects plans to build an exchange program Louisiana has become the latest state to inform the Department of Health and Human Services that it will not run its own health insurance exchange. The state has been examining the viability of an exchange program for some time, but has been fundamentally opposed to the overarching Affordable Care Act. The state’s stance on the health care reform law has put it at odds with the federal government’s insistence that states build a working health insurance exchange. Governor Jindal notifies federal agency…

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