Louisiana recovers funds from homeowners insurance providers, as well as others

Citizens Louisiana homeowners insurance

State agency recovers $5.1 million in insurance claims throughout 2015, resolving consumer complaints The Louisiana Department of Insurance has announced that it has recovered some $5.1 million in insurance claims in 2015. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon notes that state regulators have been working with representatives from several insurance companies to resolve complaints associated with a wide range of coverage. The majority of the funds recovered by state regulators have been recovered from the property/casualty sector, as well as the health insurance sector. According to the Department of Insurance, more than…

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Auto insurance fines spark controversy in Louisiana

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Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles aims to collect on fines that are decades old Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon is taking aim at the state’s Office of Motor Vehicles. Last week, the agency issued notifications to consumers throughout the state, seeking to recoup millions of dollars in fines for auto insurance lapses. A significant portion of these fines are quite old, with some coming from violations dating back as far as 1986. Notices issued to consumers caused an outcry, which got the attention of the Louisiana Department of Insurance. State…

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Health insurance rates going up in Louisiana

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Policies purchased through state’s exchange will have higher premiums beginning in 2015 Those that have purchased health insurance coverage through the Louisiana exchange could see their rates increase in the coming year. The state’s Department of Insurance has announced that approximately 60,000 people that have purchased coverage through the exchange will see rate increases in the double-digits in 2015. This expectation of higher rates comes after receiving proposals from insurance companies. Many insurers are looking to raise the rates for the coverage that they provide in order to better position…

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Louisiana workers compensation to lower its rates

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon - Insurance News

This form of insurance is set to decrease by 5 percent within 2014, which will certainly be welcome. Jim Donelon, the state commissioner has now announced that Louisiana workers compensation rates will be decreasing as of May 1, 2014, by an average of 5.1 percent. The decrease was approved by the commissioner following a recommendation by the NCCI. He gave the nod to the reduced Louisiana workers compensation rates after the National Council on Compensation Insurance made its recommendation for a 5 percent reduction as a result of notably improved…

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Health insurance exchange considered too complex in Louisiana

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Commissioner Donelon criticized state’s health insurance exchange Health insurance exchanges throughout the U.S. will begin open enrollment next week, but that does not mean that the controversy surrounding these exchanges will be put to rest, at least not in Louisiana. The state’s Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon, claims that consumers will not be able to access enough information to make adequate decisions concerning their health insurance coverage. The Commissioner suggests that the exchanges are designed to be too complex, which could create extreme confusion among those looking to purchase coverage from…

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Citizens Property Insurance of Louisiana looking to raise rates

Citizens Insurance Louisiana homeowners insurance property

Citizens Property Insurance aims to raise rates to cover reinsurance costs Louisiana’s Citizens Property Insurance, a state-run insurance organization that accounts for the majority of the state’s homeowners insurance policies, has announced that it is raising rates statewide this year. Citizens officials note that raising rates for coverage is a last resort option and that the many challenges currently facing the organization have sparked the need for higher rates. Higher reinsurance costs are being cited as one of the primary contributors to the organization’s need for higher rates. Insurers eyes…

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Louisiana joins federal network to combat fraud

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Federal Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to help Louisiana fight insurance fraud Insurance fraud continues to grab headlines throughout the world of insurance news as states begin to combat the crime. Louisiana insurance officials have announced that the state has agreed to share information with the federal Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. The network was built to help states fight against insurance fraud. By participating in the network, Louisiana will have access to resources that will help regulators and law enforcement officials cut down on insurance fraud. Commissioner Donelon highlights…

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Farmers to raise homeowners insurance rates in Louisiana

Louisiana homeowners insurance news

Farmers Insurance Exchange, a reciprocal insurance branch of the Farmers Insurance Group, is looking to raise homeowner’s insurance rates in Louisiana. The insurer has approached state regulators seeking approval for rate increases that would affect thousands of residents throughout the country. The Louisiana Department of Insurance is currently investigating the rate proposal. Regulators have not yet issued a preliminary report on whether the rate proposal seems excessive or not. The state is currently determining how the potential rate increase will affect consumers and the overall economy of Louisiana. The insurer…

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Louisiana insurance regulators recover more than $5 million after receiving thousands of complaints from consumers

The Louisiana Department of Insurance has announced that consumers will be eligible to receive more than $5 million in rebates from various insurance companies in the state. State regulators recovered the money after consumers filed an overwhelming number of complaints in 2011. Half of the money comes from complaints regarding life insurance and annuities benefits, while the other half comes from complaints regarding property/casualty insurers. The Department of Insurance has received approximately 3,453 complaints from consumers, down from 4,347 in 2010. Most of the complaints revolve around claims that insurers…

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Louisiana insurance rebates remain unclaimed by policyholders eligible to claim the money

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says that $270 million in insurance rebates still remains unclaimed by policyholders this week. Late last month, Donelon issued a notice to policyholders explaining that they could be eligible for rebates. Thus far, however, no one has come forward looking to claim their share of the money. If the funds remain unclaimed, the state may seek to take control of the money. Such a move would only be possible if the state’s Legislature passes new laws regarding the matter. The money was recovered from property/casualty…

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