Long term care insurance customers prefer home care

long term care insurance trends

Research has shown that this is the preferred way to use the benefits when it is possible. When it comes to the buyers and users of long term care insurance policies, studies are showing that the benefits are primarily being used for home care as opposed to residence in a nursing home or other form of assisted living facility. It is the type of coverage that people don’t like to think about and that they hesitate to buy. However, among those who do buy it, certain trends are being identified…

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Unique options for the U.S. long term care situation

With medical care costs still skyrocketing, many older adults are concerned about whether they need to have long-term care insurance (LTCI). This insurance was created to cover “long-term” type care that would not be covered by Medicare or other regular health insurance policies. There are affordable LTCI plans, and there are other options you should know about as well.  In the state of the economy, people are wondering if they really need to continue to pay for insurance that may, or may not be needed as they get older. Long-term…

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