Long term care insurance study shows women will soon pay much more

Long Term Care Insurance for women and men

At the same time, it has revealed that it is still possible to take advantage of savings for a short time. The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance has now released the results of a study that has investigated the cost of purchasing this coverage for single women, and the direction that it is taking. It found that women in half of the states still have a chance to save between 40 and 60 percent. The key to being able to benefit from these long term care insurance savings…

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Long term care insurance becoming harder for women to buy

Long Term Care insurance for women

While some insurers aren’t selling the policies at all anymore, others are hiking their rates skywards. Long term care insurance is becoming much more of a struggle to purchase, particularly for women, as many insurers have been withdrawing from this sector, and those that have stayed in the game have been driving their rates up to the point that some customers are now paying as much as 40 percent more. This industry is, in some ways, facing the opposite effect that has been seen in the life coverage sector. Life…

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Long term care insurance costs are higher for women

Long Term Care Insurance

Female policyholders typically generate higher expenses, meaning premiums could rise. A long term care insurance policy has never been an inexpensive product, but as data continues to show that women bring in much greater expenses on their plans, it could mean that premiums are about to change. This could mean that the coverage may become much more costly for female consumers. Until now, long term care insurance companies have been charging the same premiums to their clients, regardless of their gender. These plans help policyholders to pay for the cost…

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