Flood insurance woes delay recovery in Long Island

Flood Insurance

Long Island homeowners have yet to receive payouts from their flood insurance policies Thousands of residents in Long Island, New York, are still waiting on their insurance payouts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The powerful storm struck the island more than three months ago, but many of its homeowners are still struggling to recover from the damage caused by the devastating storm. Most of these homeowners have been in contact with their insurance providers, but insurers have continued to delay claims payments or outright denying claims due to technicalities.…

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Flood insurance payments still not received by many in Long Island

flood Insurance payments time

Many homeowners have yet to obtain anything from coverage settlements after Superstorm Sandy. Thousands of people in Long Island are still waiting for the funds that they need to rebuild, as their final flood insurance settlements have yet to be made, leaving them to have to pay contractors out of their own pockets in order to complete the half finished jobs that were started after Sandy hit over three months ago. These homeowners are facing financial struggles and are becoming highly frustrated with the lack of payment. A large number…

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