Life insurance companies actively seeking out beneficiaries

Life Insurance

The industry is recommending that policyholders take actions to help to make sure death benefits are received. The life insurance industry has been facing some hurdles across many states as many companies have not made extensive efforts to locate the beneficiaries of policies belonging to individuals who have died. Insurers are now making a number of changes as states alter their requirements to find beneficiaries. However, the industry is also recommending that policyholders take a few extra steps to help to make sure that the money that they are paying…

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Americans with life insurance feel their beneficiaries are capable of making a claim

The results of a survey by Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. has shown that 70 percent of policyholders of life insurance feel confident that the beneficiaries of the coverage would be capable of filing the claim when the time comes, and that the majority of those policyholders have made an effort to assist in the necessary preparation. The survey’s outcomes were released for Life Insurance Awareness Month, which is September. According to Nationwide Financial’s senior vice president of Individual Protection, Peter Golato, families can obtain financial security and stability from life…

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