Life insurance proposal for teachers disliked by regulators

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The officials in Florida have spoken out against the plan, voiding “significant doubts”. Regulators of life insurance in Florida have now stated that they have “significant doubts” regarding an unconventional proposal that has been made by a consulting firm for providing teachers in the state with coverage that would be paid for by investors. The offer had been being considered by the Pasco County School District. The decision of that school district had been waiting on the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation’s opinion on the matter, back in May. Now…

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Life insurance based strategies for retirement could benefit from Obama IRA cap

Annuities retirement strategy pennsylvania insurance commissioner

This type of planning could become more advantageous if the President’s plan moves forward. Retirement planning strategies based on life insurance could receive a considerable boost if the pitch that President Obama has made to cap IRAs at $3.4 million is able to move forward. Individuals who have a large amount of money within their retirement accounts could benefit most. The reason is that those individuals would be able to withdraw funds from those accounts, pay the taxes that would be applicable to having made the withdrawal, and then purchase…

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