IBISWorld updates report on life insurance industry in Australia

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Report suggests the industry is struggling due to lingering economic woes Market research and analysis firm IBISWorld has made updates to one of its reports concerning the state of the life insurance industry in Australia. The report had initially noted that the industry has been showing signs of progress due to growing demand for traditional life insurance coverage. The firm has updated the report to show that this demand is not being reflected in the life insurance industry’s revenue performance. IBISWorld suggests that poor revenues seen throughout the industry are…

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Changes to insurance laws opens industry to greater freedoms

An amendment to the Insurance Act has been passed by the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan, which now makes non-investment foreign currency life insurance policies exempt from an existing quota for foreign investments imposed on insurers. Under the regulations that were in place, insurers had not previously been permitted to place more than 45 percent of their investments of their total funds into assets that are foreign-denominated. Insurance companies are now permitted by the Financial Supervisory Committee (FSC) to sell non-investment foreign currency life insurance policies without subjecting those policies’ funds…

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