Life insurance claim behind a murder in New York

auto Insurance fraud

A man in the state has admitted to killing his son in order to collect on the $700,000 policy. A man in upstate New York has now admitted that he deliberately killed his son in a scheme to be able to allow him to collect on a life insurance policy that would pay him $700,000. The man quite suddenly admitted that he crushed his son under a truck in order to receive the payout. The guilty plea came from Karl Karlsen in a second degree murder case. It was put…

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Insurance news made in case of shooting, faked death, and fraud

Insurance fraud

A Florida suspect of attempted murder who is now living in Canada has been declared legally dead. Alex Varga has found himself at the heart extremely curious insurance news headlines in a Florida case in which he was the suspect in a shooting, but where he fled the country until finally making his way to Canada, where he has discovered that his wife – still in Florida – had declared him dead in order to collect on his life policy. Varga will now likely never be tried for the shooting…

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Insurance fraud charges laid against ex-NFLer

homeowners insurance fraud

Byron Frisch is now one of a group of four people who have been charged with this multimillion dollar scam. When four people were charged with having orchestrated a massive, $50 million insurance scam, it wasn’t long before it was revealed that former NFLer Byron Frisch was among them. The charges allege that the ex defensive lineman and his colleagues had been involved in an extensive wire and mail scam. Byron Frisch was a defensive lineman and he and his alleged partners in this scam have been charged with conspiracy…

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Life insurance fraud culprits caught faking death

insurance fraud

A family has been accused of making false claims on a number of policies totaling over $1 million. A former resident of Toronto, Canada, was discovered living in California after having made claims on several life insurance policies in his name half a decade ago, allowing his family to collect. This fraud against the insurers racked up payouts of over $1 million for the individual’s family. The fraudsters took out a number of life insurance policies on the man and then faked his death so that they would be able…

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Life insurance bill takes aim at reducing fraud

Massachusetts homeowners Insurance

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is now deciding on his approval for regulations in the industry. Deval Patrick, the Governor of Massachusetts, is currently considering a bill that has been created in order to help to combat life insurance fraud by adding regulations to brokers and financial service companies that purchase policies from cash starved policyholders and then receive the benefits upon the death of those individuals. The sale of an individual’s policy for a fraction of its settlement total is both legal and common in Massachusetts. This is the case…

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Rhode Island legislator suspected of insurance fraud, charged with misappropriation of funds

A lawmaker from Rhode Island is being accused of insurance fraud. Representative Leo Medina was charged with misappropriation of funds yesterday stemming from an policy check issued late last year. The check was a payout from a life insurance policy which was originally intended for one of Medina’s friends whose daughter had died. Medina allegedly kept the majority of the money for himself after helping his friend, who does not speak English, obtain a payout from an insurance company. Insurance fraud has been a growing concern throughout the nation in…

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California District Attorneys awarded million in grants to fight insurance fraud

California’s Department of Insurance is issuing over $3 million in grants to the state’s District Attorneys in an effort to battle the spread of fraudulent disability and health claims. The state has been wracked with fraud for several years, a fact that Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has labored to rectify. According to Jones, the grants will be used to fun investigations and prosecutions as the state government looks to crack down on insurance fraud. Jones hopes that the move will also dissuade individuals from committing fraud, knowing that District Attorneys…

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