Life insurance being used by parents for their kids’ student debt

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The overwhelming amounts that are owed are leading to some unique protection strategies. A life insurance trend has been building over the last short while that has parents taking out policies on their children in order to protect themselves against the overwhelming student debt that they carry. Many parents co-sign on student loans, leaving them at a considerable risk if their children should die prematurely. It is becoming increasingly common for parents to protect themselves from the debts of their children’s educations by purchasing life insurance policies following their graduation…

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Do children need life insurance?

There is a serious debate underway regarding whether or not it is appropriate or necessary to buy life insurance policies for children, and if there is any benefit to the purchase. Those who would buy life coverage for their children do so because they feel that they are helpful financial tools that play an important role as a part of a larger savings and investment portfolio. However, others would say that for the majority of families, buying a life insurance policy for someone that young is typically wasteful, since it…

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