Insurance news shows the mis-selling complaints in the U.K. continue

UK cyber Insurance industry News united kingdom

A recent report issued by the watchdog organization has revealed that banks will need to provide more in payouts. The Financial Ombudsman Service in the United Kingdom has now stated that the number of complaints that it has received with regards to the insurance news of the mis-selling scandal in the country have skyrocketed within the six months that ended in September. This has increased the odds that banks will be required to pay a higher amount for compensations. The Financial Ombudsman Service is the official watchdog that steps in…

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Insurance news study shows artists twice as unlikely to have health coverage

health insurance news

The research determined that the primary cause of the uninsured status is the cost of a plan. According to the results of a study that are making insurance news headlines after having been released by the Future of Music Coalition and the Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center, twice as many artists such as actors, musicians, dancers, and others are likely to be uninsured as the general population. These creative individuals are among the demographics least likely to have health plans. The research making this insurance news involved a survey of…

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Insurance news from Michael Jackson case could change industry

Michael Jackson insurance news

Many feel that this case could alter the way that artists and concerts obtain their coverage. Though not seen as a part of the actual performance, coverage plays an enormous and vital role in making certain that a star will be able to be on stage, and the latest insurance news from Michael Jackson could play a sizeable role in the way that this process occurs from now on. These insurers are responsible for paying for times when the star can’t perform and when concerts are canceled. A jury in…

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Insurance news from Allstate shows hip and edgy new strategy

Allstate Insurance company news

The insurer – like others – has been facing financial and natural disasters, but is managing to stand out. Allstate has not had it easy over recent years, as insurance news continues to pummel the industry with natural and financial disasters, but this insurer has still managed to transform itself and stand out from the pack with a unique strategy. The subject matter may not be all that hip, but Allstate has managed to market it that way. The company is making insurance news with an edgy television commercial campaign…

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Insurance news made by Lance Armstrong in fraud lawsuit

Lance Armstrong insurance news lawsuit

The former Tour de France title holder is being ordered to answer doping questions by a Texas judge. A Texas judge is making insurance news as he has ordered Lance Armstrong to answer questions regarding his doping, particularly with respect to who knew about the behavior and when they became aware of it. These questions could possibly include the discovery of whether or not Armstrong’s ex-wife and attorneys knew. The insurance news making questions are being required as a part of an effort to obtain information in a lawsuit from…

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Insurance news from India shows ongoing consideration of Iranian oil coverage

india news iran crude oil insurance

Insurers from Iran have offered to provide cover for tankers transporting that country’s crude. The latest in the insurance news saga regarding Iranian oil tanker coverage, particularly when it is headed to India, is that Iran is offering to provide the coverage for the ships so that Indian companies will be able to accept it. However, the Indian companies still hold some reluctance as they do not want to expose themselves to sanctions. India has been considering adding an additional state guarantee of $327 million to this insurance news, to…

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Insurance news made when a settlement was paid entirely in quarters

Insurance News payment in quarters

A prominent businessman in Illinois disagreed with the payout from his son’s auto policy and retaliated in a unique way. In retaliation for what an Illinois businessman felt was not a fair outcome in an auto payout following the death of his son, he is making insurance news by paying a portion of the final settlement using thousands upon thousands of pounds of quarters. This, according to one of the attorneys who was involved in the auto payout case. The attorney, Douglas Dorris, provided confirmation that when Roger Herrin came…

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